photo of Carola Doerr

Carola Doerr (née Winzen)

Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6
LIP6, équipe Recherche Opérationnelle
case 169, 4 place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05

Email: Carola [dot] Doerr "at" mpi-inf.mpg.de
Phone: 0033 (0)1 44 27 54 42

Some Selected Activities and News

  • Our proposal for a Dagstuhl seminar on Theory of Randomized Optimization Heuristics has been accepted. The seminar will be held in October 2019: official seminar web page. Organizers are Carlos M. Fonseca, Tobias Friedrich, Xin Yao, and myself.
  • I will be giving tutorials on non-static parameter choices in evolutionary computation at GECCO 2018 and at PPSN 2018. Here is a link to the tutorial slides from GECCO 2017 (you can also find them in the GECCO companion materials). The target audience of this tutorial are researchers who are familiar with evolutionary computation. I am happy to discuss all concepts and ideas in a form that avoids community-specific terminology.
  • I just finished a book chapter on "Complexity Theory for Black-Box Optimization Heuristics": Preliminary version on arXiv.
  • Dirk Sudholt and I have been chairing THEORY track of GECCO 2017. We are now editing a special issue in Algorithmica.
  • I am serving as Vice-chair of COST action 15140 on Improving Applicability of Nature-Inspired Optimisation by Joining Theory and Practice (ImAppNIO), and have also organized our first training school COST training school here in Paris (7 days, 35 participants, 7 teachers).

Research Interests

  • Theory of randomized search heuristics
  • Black-box complexity, aka randomized query complexity
  • Randomized and quasi-randomized algorithms
  • Geometric discrepancies


A list of publications can be found here. Here is an outdated (not sure when I will be able to update...) list of my talks.




  • Co-Advisor of intern Anja Jankovic (summer 2018).
    Title of the project: Randomness in Scheduling
  • Advisor of intern Eduardo Carvalho Pinto (summer 2017).
    Title of the project: Self-Adjusting Parameter Choices for Discrete Black-Box Optimization
  • Co-Advisor of intern Yang Jing (summer 2015).
    Title of the project: Tight Bounds for the Unbiased Black-Box Complexity of OneMax
  • Co-Advisor of intern Axel de Perthuis de Laillevault (summer 2014).
    Title of the project: Evolutionary Algorithms with Iterated Initial Sampling
  • Co-Advisor of the master student Franziska Ebel (defended spring 2013).
    Title of the thesis: Lessons from the Black-Box: Fast Crossover-Based Genetic Algorithms
  • Advisor of intern G. Ramakrishna (summer 2012).
    Title of the project: Computing Minimum Cycle Bases in Graphs of Bounded Treewidth
  • Co-Advisor of the master student Vijay Ingalalli (defended autumn 2011).
    Title of the thesis: Evolutionary Algorithms to Compute Lower Bounds for the Star Discrepancy
  • Co-Advisor of intern Jong-Hyun Lee (winter 2011/12).
    Title of the project: Playing Mastermind with Constant Size Memory

Academic Activities

Short CV

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