I developed during my Ph.D a tool to compute bounding distributions and analyze a single queue under histogram-based traffic by applying stochastic comparison.

► StBound Tool: Approach combining stochastic bounds and histograms for performance analysis of queue

    The StBound archive is composed by two applications "BHa" and "ASingle_Queue" implemented with Matlab 2012a. These two applications allow respectively to compute Bounding Histogram from real traffic trace and compute performance measures of single queue under histogram input traffic.

    You can download the tool below.

    • Under windows environment
    • Under Linux environment (Coming soon)
    • Under Mac-OS environment (Coming soon)

► A few tools that may interest you:

  • XBorne: a set of C programs to build, store, manipulate, bound and solve Markov chains.
  • PSI (acronym of Perfect Simulator): a framework designed to sample trajectories of large Markov chains with various methods.
  • MarmoteCore: an open environment for modeling with Markov chains.